The Island of Dino

The island of Dino is the largest of the Calabrian islands and is located on the Tyrrhenian Cosentino, just in front of the town of Praia a Mare. Its size is just over 50 hectares, its height at the highest point is about 100 meters. The island in the past has witnessed struggles and battles; the Municipality of Praia acquired it in 1928 and then sold it to a company of Avvocato Giovanni Agnelli. So the island was? Civilized? with a walkable road, some? cottage? and on the south side a small tourist center consisting of 6 trulli and a ba.

For many years the island was a point of tourist interest for many famous people, then, slowly came the interest went away. Today the island of Dino has officially returned to the municipality of Praia a Mare.

The visit to the island is obligatory; we suggest you to circumnavigate it for its 3 km of perimeter so as to discover its caves and admire the rocky and imposing cliffs that compose it. Our resort Borgo di Fiuzzi organizes several times a day with your own boat a path of the island that allows to visit this unique place. It is also possible to organize interesting walks along the paths of the island among unspoiled nature, flora and fauna unique in their kind. The vegetation is the typical Mediterranean scrub where you can admire the Palm Nana and the primula of Palinuro.