Sport Excursions in Calabria

The Borgo di Fiuzzi resort will allow you to fully enjoy your holidays in Calabria in maximum relaxation, but always ready to provide various activities for lovers of wellness and sport. It starts from the muscle awakening in the morning and then continue with the water aerobics courses and all activities followed by the animation such as dance classes, tournaments, beach volleyball etc .. available to guests a head tennis to organize tournaments with friends and fitness equipment for those who want to keep on training even on vacation. If you love extreme sports or just looking for that extra bit of adrenaline, the Borgo di Fiuzzi organizes through its partners Paragliding, Rafting and Diving in the most evocative places of Calabria.
Three sports that will give you an incredible emotion in addition to the technique are practiced in a unique setting through the wonders of Calabria.

The paragliding, performed through a two-seater with a qualified instructor, is practiced on a portion of the coast with high mountains that fall on the large beach of Praia a Mare with a gentle landing right in front of our resort near the island of Dino. A paradise discovered from the top with evocative images and landscapes.

Another really fun sport with direct contact of nature organized by our resort is rafting on the Lao river. Activities that can be carried out by adults and children as it is always carried out with expert guides and instructors. It will allow you to cross the river inside the Pollino National Park, taking you to discover a unique and uncontaminated place.

For amateurs or professionals we also organize diving trips to discover the magnificent perimeter of the island of Dino. In fact, our resort Borgo di Fiuzzi is located in one of the most beautiful places in Calabria considered the paraiso of the divers.
Expert guides will introduce you to a unique scenario. The various caves, that of Monaco, the Sardines, the Lion, the Falls and the largest the Blue Grotto are all lovely and can be visited in part without plunging into the water, but the most interesting is the cave Gargiulo, which opens to 18 meters below the surface of the sea and extends for tens of meters. Except for 2 air bubbles it is completely submerged. The cave is characterized by stalact-stalagmite formations another 8 meters, with light-colored rocks sign of an ancient underground river. The vaults of the cave are completely covered with clear stalactites of different shapes.
Besides the rarity in the compliance of the grote there is also a particular fauna of rare and protected species such as the Cicala Grande and the Magnosias, Castagnole, and Polpi and now between 20/30 meters of depth are the Gorgonia and numerous specimens of Cernia and Amberjack.