Borgo di Fiuzzi Resort & Spa is a call to find out what we planned for you: a place which smell of sea and nature, traditions and villages, towers, castles, sea cliffs which dive in the Mediterranean sea. Borgo di Fiuzzi is a wonderful window on Dino?s Island with its famous caves. The coast reflects the typical Mediterranean characteristics, with sand and pebbles beaches, gravel and black sand, to spend marvelous holidays in complete restfulness and harmony with still unpolluted sea and nature. The seabed of Dino?s Island is reach of fauna with a particular atmosphere which remind exotic places but to discover in the beauty and uniqueness of Calabria.Borgo di Fiuzzi is a 4 stars resort, with more than 900 beds, characterized by free plan architectonic buildings with ancient colours, terracotta and local stones, to link ancient tradition and high level resort comforts, with stairs, hall, vaults, roofs and light paintings which remind ancient villages; a place to discover and enjoy, planned for all the needs: comfortable and big rooms for couples and families, beach service, bar, restaurants, sport spaces, showers, gymnastic platforms, meeting and rest points, amphitheatres for kids and adults, swimming pools, spa, everything you can desire in your holidays idea!Everything is planned to welcome and amaze you! We want to create a place you cannot forget and leave you a unique desire?to come back soon!!
The Borgo di Fiuzzi Resort & Spa is ? an invitation to discover what we have planned and planned for you: a place that smells of sea and nature, of tradition and villages, of towers, of castles, of cliffs that plunge into the Mediterranean. The Borgo di Fiuzzi is a spectacular window on the island of Dino with its famous caves. The coast reflects the setting of the typical Mediterranean vegetation, with sandy and pebbled beaches, gravel beach and black sand, to spend a fabulous holiday, in the name of the most absolute tranquility and in full harmony with a sea and nature still pristine . The depths of the island of Dino are rich in marine fauna surrounded by a particular atmosphere of exotic countries but descended in the beauty and uniqueness of a Calabria to be discovered.

Il Borgo di Fiuzzi is a 4-star hotel, characterized by a free-form building aggregate with antique colors, terracotta and local stones, to combine the ancient tradition and comfort of a category resort , with ramps, hallways, stairways, vaults, roofing and drawings of light that recall the old villages; an ancient village to discover and enjoy, designed for every need : comfortable and spacious rooms for couples and families with children, beach service, bars, restaurants, sports areas, showers, meeting and rest areas, amphitheaters for young and old , pools, spa and spa, in short what you could wish for in the? holiday idea.

All this and more to welcome and surprise you, to create a place that is hard to forget and that leaves you with a single wish, to come back!